Interest Rates Table

Use this table to get all the information you need about world economies interest rates. This data has a huge impact on the value of currencies around the world and on the foreign exchange market.

About the Interest Rates Table

Interest rate is one of the most influencing factors on currencies values. So forex traders must always be aware of any changes made to interest rates around the world. A shift in interest rates in the US may have an impact on currencies values around the world. That's why it is important to carefully watch interest rates of many currencies - not only those you are trading but others as well.

This is definitely one of the most important financial indicators to watch when you are trading forex.

That's why this interest rates table is so important. It is up-to-date, so you know that when you follow it you are updated with all the latest developments in the indicator. It is also comprehensive and provides information regarding many economies, so you know that you get most of the information you need.

It is highly advisable to follow these numbers carefully. Every change in each of the numbers in this table will surely have an impact on forex trading activity and your own actions within this dynamic environment.