Economic and Forex Outlook

This outlook of the forex market supplies you with a brief analysis of current week in the forex market and an outlook to the week ahead. It will help you stay informed with the major events and trends in the market.

About the Forex Outlook

This forex outlook, performed by Easy Forex experts, provides you with a brief update and analysis of the foreign exchange market. It gives a brief summary of last week's main events in the foreign exchange market and an analysis of their factors.

So, if the dollar experienced a sharp decline in value last week, you know that you can probably read it here. But you will not only read about it. Easy Forex specialists will also briefly analyze the reasons for this decline so you will know what happened and more importantly - why.

The second part of this outlook is the forex outlook for the next week, where you can read the major events expected in the coming week for the major currencies and their anticipated impact on the market, including support and resistance information for the major currencies.

It is vitally important for the foreign exchange trader to stay as informed about the market as possible. This forex outlook tool will help you with this task. Keep in mind, however, that the information supplied by this tool is not complete and should be complimented with other tools like economic calendar, charts and more.

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