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The ideal site for beginners, with its easy to operate, friendly platform and comprehensive educational center.

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A pioneer in the world of currency trading, easy-forex is still one of the most innovative, cutting edge brokers.


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Use the top of the line automated trading solutions, or other high quality trading platform of the forex branch of the renowned AVA Group.


Introduction to Forex Trading Video

eToro's tutorial video is aimed at helping anyone interested in currency trading get to grips with how it all works. It goes a long way to deciphering the confusion that is the Foreign Exchange and explains how eToro, along with its many options, can make the whole process of trading seem much more fluent.

It starts by giving a few basic facts of the market. Facts that advanced traders may find as obvious, but if you are just starting your path in the world of currencies you may appreciate.

It then goes on to state the obvious fact that although the foreign exchange market may seem very attractive at first, it appears as too complex to most people looking from the outside, and for good reasons too. With hard to understand jargon, complicated charts and graphs and an endless number of influencing factors, it is not an easy market to know.

eToro believes that they have a solution to this new comers issue. They have a fantastic new application that can be used to either trade on the Foreign Exchange or practice trading. It really does make understanding the Foreign Exchange a lot easier. So if you are making your first steps in this world, eToro invites you to try out its software and practice your online trading skills free of charge. This will allow you to increase your confidence and prepare yourself to trading real money.

The video highlights the platform's user friendly interface and states how it can provide the best trading experience online. A main problem for many regarding the Forex is how they struggle to actually get a mental picture of how the whole process works. They just see the jargon, figures and data that make it a big confusing mess. However, eToro uses visualization and graphics to make the whole environment of trading seem less daunting.


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