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Introduction to Forex

Introduction to Forex

Length: 2:32 minutes

A short tutorial explaining how to trade online via the eToro software. A great way to get you started in the online trading arena.

Forex Market and Its Player

Forex Market and Its Players

Length: 2:33 minutes

A short video aimed especially for people who are making their very first steps in the foreign exchange world.

An Overview of the Forex Market

An Overview of the Forex Market

Length: 5:16 minutes

Another great video for beginners, depicting some of the major, most impotant characteristics of the Foreign Exchange Market.

About Forex Video

Learning how to trade currencies has never been this easy. We have gathered a few of the best online forex videos to assist you in your journey to become masters in foreign currency trading.

From the basic tutorials to trading strategies, market analysis and the most recent news, we have tried to cover in this section as much ground in the foreign exchange world as we could, without jeopardizing the quality of the videos presented here.

Every trader in every level of expertise in the foreign currency trading market can find something interesting to watch. Go to the tutorials if you are just making your first steps in the market. If you are a more advanced trader you might want to watch the strategy videos. And for the experts in us, the news and analysis videos can be of use.

We have gone through hundreds of videos and selected the ones we believe are the best the online world can offer. Our selection process considered the videos film and sound quality, relevance of the topics covered, quality of the presentation of the material and of course credibility and reliability of the presenters of the materials.

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