Financial Calendar

Use the economic calendar to learn about the most important economic events that might influence the value of currencies around the world.

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About the Forex Calendar

The forex calendar notifies you of the major, most important financial events world wide. Those events that may have an influence on the value of currencies and impact foreign exchange trading decisions.

What kind of events can you find in the forex calendar? The most influential events for the financial markets are various announcements by states financial bodies like Central Banks; or figures, known to have an impact on economies and currencies. Figures like unemployment rates, money supply, interest rates decisions, trade balance, consumer confidence and more.

Watching these figures closely will help you determine whether a currency's value is expected to appreciate or depreciate. Knowing the timing for important announcements or release of major figures will help you anticipate when a certain currency will be affected by financial events.

As foreign exchange market is global, the calendar follows event from around the world, although it usually focuses on the largest most important economies, like the US, UK, European Union etc.

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